What horse?

As my Red Dead 2 inspired rediscovery of all things 'wild west' continues, I have been reading up on the wagon-trains that would cross America on the Oregon trail. It seems such a wild notion now to be able to pack all your belongings into a box and head out into a largely unknown land, hoping to make a home somewhere, despite this still being a reality for many brave people.
The shapes that some of the carts were made of inspired me to sketch out a considerably more exaggerated version, that pretty much looks like a Pringle. On wheels.

I generally start off with a loose composition and work inwards from that point. Here, unusually for me, I focused on the single shape of the wagon and worked up the detail until it was almost complete before trying to place it in a scene.

With the angle of the cart predetermined, I struggled to compose an image around it that wouldn't overshadow the shapes and details I'd created.
I'm just going to pretend the horse ran off.
I cant draw horses.
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