Rocket Escape


A small and simple little project, Rocket Escape asked for some highly customisable ships to fly about space gathering materials to further customise your rocket ship.

I felt it would be really nice to lean into the post war style of rockets but with a colour pallet more reminiscent of 70s sci-fi book covers.

With the rocket effectively functioning as your character I thought it would be really fun to make it as simple as possible but with each component able to be switched out for variants, permitting a phenomenal number of options.

The simple designs could have some really subtle animations to really bring them alive.

Gathering different elements from deep space you'd then return to the mixlab.

Being able to mix your own trails in the mixlab would result in some fun experimentation and some really unique little ships to chase each other through outer space.

With the shops and space pinned down we turned to the surface of the planets that would function as infinite runner minigames. I explored building shapes that would allow us to make several different worlds using simple yet stylish colony buildings.

We wanted three separate surface locations that were distinct. I opted for a purple hue for the dangerous elements, then pink, blue and red planets.

There was also room to add a 'rover' to drive a long the surface after collecting a specific powerup. I really like this lil' dude and think he could carry a game on his own.

Sadly I don't think Rocket Escape is still live but I really enjoyed working on this one.

A proper miniature epic.

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