Bonnie and Blythe


Well, my new years resolution to be more creative this year has gotten off to a bad start. Nothing like a global pandemic to quash ones creativity. Anyway, the show must go on...

Last summer I was doodling hot rods and slowly struck upon the idea of depicting a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Using the hot rods as a jumping off point, it seemed logical to depict them in a Greaser or Rockabilly style.

While Bonnie was always going to be the rockabella of the ball, Blythe was originally going to be a traditional greaser guy.

However as I looked more closely at the greaser culture I felt there was a real femininity in a style that stemmed from a depiction of 1940s blue collar masculinity, and making them a same sex couple tied into the narrative of them being persecuted.

The car was cooked up out of my imagination on a beach in Ibiza and I don't believe it depicts any particular model. The neon colours in the final image draw from the neon lights of american diners where these hotrods were originally showcase.

I may have also subconsciously channelled True Romance (my favourite movie of all time) which ties in nicely to the narrative of a criminal couple on the run.

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