This image was inspired by some photos of a friend of mine, who currently goes by the pseudonym of SP076 (I'm pretty sure this was his cell number at some point), and his accomplices creating some street art. I thought there was a great contradiction between the flowers in the long grass and the concrete walls that were serving as canvasses. The painting he's working on is in this drawing is actually a photo of his piece. I hope he doesn't sue me.
The pose was derived from an exaggerated version of the stance fine artists adopt when clutching a palette in one hand and expressively slapping paint onto a canvas. I also drew on the movements of  chefs in a kitchen when they get passionately animated and toss ingredients into a lively mix while working on new recipe.  I mean, I know that's not how it really works, I've been in kitchens and from my experience most chefs spend their time grumbling and swearing at waitresses.
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