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Here is where I post up my latest images. I then let them percolate for some time before determining which ones make it onto my website proper.

Keep scrolling for some undiluted brain purge, or skip to the portfolio tab above for some crystal clear, naturally filtered imagination.
Billy Burger

Sometimes its nice to step away from digital work and spend some time working on something more tangible. A few weeks ago I treated my self to a resin Clarke cast from Burgerstrings. Chris's incredible clay carvings are beautiful creations. While I really liked his more alien looking masks I fell in love with Clarke's […]

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Spider-verse: Miles and Gwen

Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse was probably my favourite animated film. While modern classic Wall.E has held that title since release, Spider-verse gave contemporary (western) animation its biggest shake up since Pixar's Toy Story. I love 2D art. Theres something so pure and expressive in hand drawn linework that's rarely (it does happen) achieved in 3D […]

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Creating the world of Junkateers was always going to be fun. The idea is to teach children about the properties of lots of different materials via the Junkateers; a group of kids who sort through waste, categorising it so it can be sorted and ideally recycled if possible. In fiction junk yards have always been […]

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Blue Battle

Bluetits. That's what we call these here but I didn't have the stone to call my post battletits. We have a birdbox where they nest every spring, and occasionally competing birds squabble over it in our small garden. They're feisty wee flashes of blue and yellow when they're scrapping, zipping about and occasionally yelling obscenities […]

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I LOVE Indiana Jones. Properly. So much nostalgia, fun and adventure included in all 5 films and the TV show. While the 4th entry was laced with some brilliant set-pieces (the greaser brawl into motorbike chase) that felt absolutely on brand, there were other elements (monkeys and gophers, I'm looking at you) that felt really […]

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Ahsoka. Again.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Ahsoka Tano has the best plot arc of any character in the Star Wars Universe. I wont go into it in detail but her coming to the conclusion that the Jedi are Ashley Eckstine forged the character for The Clone Wars series. The character went through […]

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Phone Home

E.T. The Extra-terrestrial is a perfect film. It's my first memory of going to the cinema. The story, the direction, the acting and, my god, that score! Also He's the subject of one of my favourite jokes: What's E.T. Short for?'Coz he's got little legs.

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Before going to see the new turtles movie I thought I'd introduce the kids to MY Ninja Turtles; the 1990 classic. Youngest kid refused to watch it and voluntarily went to bed (literally never happens), Older one took pity and kindly suggested it would have been 'a bit good if the Turtles looked better' but […]

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Ahsoka Tano

SURPRISE! I'VE DONE A STAR WARS POST! Lies. It will surprise absolutely no-one to see me do a Star Wars post today. No. One. So here are some drawings of little Ahsoka Tano and a Morai chick getting up to mischief. May the force be with you, always.

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Star Wars Celebration 23

Woohoo! This image will be available as a Star Wars Celebration 23 exclusive this Easter. While you can pre-order online from March the 10th you have to collect the print on site during the event from the 7th April. 'While, as it stands, there's no indication that these two characters met before they were introduced […]

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Maxi Jazz

Really sad news on Christmas Eve that Maxi Jazz had passed away. Faithless' Reverence album was a staple in my CD player for several key years in the late 90's early 00's. And seeing Faithless live was a spectacle. A vast cavernous hall with thousands of people dancing, Jazz's rasping dulcet tones and the pounding, […]

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Space Rustlers From Outer Space!!

Spaaaace Rustlers From Outer Space!! was an experimental VR game for use with Google cardboard. We wanted to create a single level infinite shooter so we opted for a spherical world allowing you to fly continuously in any direction, simply tilting your head gently to either side to steer. The planet was effectively infinite midwestern […]

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