In the beginning...

Ok. So i guess this is a blog. Lets just see how that works out shall we? I've no real experience of this form of self promotion other than a couple of friends and family who've embarked on something similar in the past.

Anyway, to kick off here's a picture.

I was inspired by the seemingly alien rock formations of Brimham rocks in North Yorkshire when i visited them a while ago, and wondered what they'd look like ten times the size.

A bit like that. Maybe?

Its not a fresh piece by any stretch, but its one of the first times i experimented with using photographic textures along side hand drawn and photoshopped elements. More recent images using this technique can be found on my site.

Anyway, I'll post some sketchbook work next time as i have piles of them that are gradually taking over my shelf space, and exercising some of their contents might put them to good use.

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