A Miniature Epic


Well its been a while since my last post. Apologies. A summer break turned into autumn and suddenly winter is approaching. Aaaanyhoo...

Here's some images from an idea I've been playing with for a while now about a lone wanderer known only as Meek.

'Meek was a gifted slayer. He slayed like whirling twirlers danced. It was beautiful. He would tempt rotters until they were almost upon him. Then he would run. All day and into the night.'
'And once he was out of sight, he would stop running. And he would wait. The rotters would catch up eventually. They always did. And he would wait until he could smell their thick scent.'
'And then he lept.'
'And when the night of fighting was done and the shrieks had washed away on the wind, Meek would sit on the tip top of a blue bongo tree and stroke the stings of his blute to the fairlings singing in the sun, high above., and all was right again.'
Its a departure in style from my usual work, a mix of photography and photoshoppery.
Right... Back to the sketchbook.
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