King of Spies


Mark Millar's pitch for King of spies is soo good.

A leading British spy (definitely not Bond though. For legal reasons.) learns he's terminally ill and disillusioned with the world he decides to turn from his masters and sort the world out.

I like to consider Michael Bay's The Rock as an unofficial Bond sequel (honestly, its staggering how well that lens works on it) and I very much feel like this will be Pierce Brosnan's equivalent when the adaptation comes to Netflix.

So here's my take of Brosnan as Roland King.

He put a spin on the Bond franchise with his Kingsman story, toying with the classism of traditional spy capers (something that was lacking from the following sequels) and has returned to spy mythology with this project. I'm holding out for the last volume to be released so I can smash it all in one sitting (with several mugs of tea and a stack of Hobnobs) but I genuinely cannot wait.

'king bring it.

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