I got a wee bit above my station and thought I'd submit a picture to the mighty Atomhawk's annual art competition, this years brief: The Story Begins.

One element of science fiction I particularly enjoy is when the story deals with the edge of known 'world'. This frontier has happened throughout history from from the first humans venturing out over Africa, or ocean navigating islanders arriving in South America and working their way up a whole continent.

I wanted to depict such a moment. There are myths about the Romans' interaction with the Picts of Caledonia, legends of entire legions vanishing at their hands...

What must the Romans have thought when they rounded the corner to be met with a race of warriors the likes they hadn't met before...

I thought I'd add a solid helping of sci-fi to my take on the scenario. Because why wouldn't aliens hang out with hipster Picts?!

Foolishly, I diverted from my more stylised approach and ballsed up (actual creative term) the figure work so the finished product was far from perfect. That said, I was really pleased with the lighting, composition and the way the environment as a whole turned out.

Must try harder. Or, stick to cartoons 🙂

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