Lets get ready to rrruuuumble! - Part II

With the characters and the style of Primal Rumble taking shape, I felt it was important to deliver a series of concept images that would promote the rich colour palette and the kind of humour that should be present in the game. You know, dinosaurs calmly assaulting on each other. In lavish environments. For profit.

With the T-Rex being the most iconic of all the dinosaurs I felt that our Primal equivalent, Big Rex, should be the focus of these images.

The expressionless faces of the Primals were perfect to deliver dead pan humour, be it stuck fast in a gloopy tar pit, being hit by a snowball thrown by a cowering foe, weeping quietly at the sudden revelation of the catastrophic events that are about to unfold, or engaging in balletic martial arts most unbecoming of a bottom heavy Primal.
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