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Tree Castle

Late last year I did a few sketches of treehouses. Starting off small I quickly elevated the idea to encompass a full size fort in a vast tree. No treehouse ever attains the lofty imaginations of the kids who will occupy them, rarely going much further than a few planks and if you're lucky, a […]

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Ill communication is one my two favourite albums of all time (along with DJ Shadows Endtroducing.) and tracks from it still pepper my playlists 30 years after its release. I was in America the summer it came out and it was blasting out of my cousins stereo as we drove through Boston. It pretty much […]

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May the 4th

Ahsoka is magnificent. We all agree, right? Her story is littered with tragedy and has some pretty dark turns in it so lets hark back some lighter more fun moments of her youth. This set of prints are now available over at ACME archives (USA) and Pulse Gallery (for UK/'international') markets. These would definitely brighten […]

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Mars 22

While I'm a big supporter of fixing earths problems rather than attempting to relocate to a far more hostile world, I think becoming an multiplanetary species is inevitable and we should probably crack on before we do some damage that cant be undone. I love the idea of 'roughnecks' living on the planet and raising […]

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I enjoy the MCU. I Love 2 or 3 entries, but enjoy most. Personally I think the best thing that the MCU (I think it officially comes under that title now?) is Vincent D'Onofrio as the mighty Kingpin. His hushed tones, monstrous physique and explosive rage make him a genuinely terrifying villain especially as characters […]

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Happy new year, folks. Despite us still having winter to pass through I'm already looking forward to spring so lets start the new year off with something fresh. The current trend of rewilding and reintroducing extinct species into ecosystems they once thrived in is always good to read about and Pine martens are having a […]

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Accidentally climbed aboard the Godzilla hype train. Its FANTASTIC. Genuinely surprised at what a good film was, despite everyone telling me. All week. If you're going to squeeze one more cinema trip in before Christmas, consider this one recommended.

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Billy Burger

Sometimes its nice to step away from digital work and spend some time working on something more tangible. A few weeks ago I treated my self to a resin Clarke cast from Burgerstrings. Chris's incredible clay carvings are beautiful creations. While I really liked his more alien looking masks I fell in love with Clarke's […]

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Spider-verse: Miles and Gwen

Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse was probably my favourite animated film. While modern classic Wall.E has held that title since release, Spider-verse gave contemporary (western) animation its biggest shake up since Pixar's Toy Story. I love 2D art. Theres something so pure and expressive in hand drawn linework that's rarely (it does happen) achieved in 3D […]

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Creating the world of Junkateers was always going to be fun. The idea is to teach children about the properties of lots of different materials via the Junkateers; a group of kids who sort through waste, categorising it so it can be sorted and ideally recycled if possible. In fiction junk yards have always been […]

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