What a gem!

Without a doubt the finest TV show I've ever seen, Deadwood is a bruised and bloody, mud-stained delight. The multiple character arcs twist with tension and are awash with the darkest of dark humour and the authentic dialogue is so marvellously crafted that despite foulest of foul f**king language* it often feels like poetry.
From Bullocks rage infused 'hero' to the silent menace of McShanes wonderfully vile, landlord/gang-lord/pimp/all round evil cokesucker, Al Swarengen, the town is littered with colourful portrayals of the real, often infamous, characters that passed through Deadwood.
The announcement that it is going to be revived as a film gave me an excuse to revisit it all over again. Yay!

*Honestly. I cant stress enough. It made me blush. (... And then clap with delight.)

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