Having a teacher in the house means that all schedules are thrown to the dogs when the holidays arrive. Though this time the break has been quite welcome. Despite spending time with my family I've still managed to sneak down to my batcave in the dead of night (well... late evening at least) to create this image.

I regularly devise expansive and elaborate stories that rarely escape my mind, so in an attempt to combat this i try and illustrate key moments from them. This is the beginning of one of these tales where in a time of swords and stone the descendant of a great warrior witnesses something magical and finds himself somehow connected to it.

Touching on the perceived power that religion commands and delivers, there's a good chance I'll knock out some more moments from this story as it touches on a number of themes that have fascinated me for years. Or i might drop it as i cook up something else that saps all my attention.

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