Spider-verse: Miles and Gwen


Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse was probably my favourite animated film. While modern classic Wall.E has held that title since release, Spider-verse gave contemporary (western) animation its biggest shake up since Pixar's Toy Story.

I love 2D art. Theres something so pure and expressive in hand drawn linework that's rarely (it does happen) achieved in 3D models. Pixar's Paperman and Feast shorts showed there were ways of bringing strengths from 2D animation into the 3D sphere.

Spiderverse blew me away. While the story and animation were frantic and lively, the sheer love of comic art, 2D illustration and print techniques were present in almost every frame with textures, composition, timing, movements and even visual representations of sound effects made for a ground-breaking experience.

While Meet the Mitchells and the exceptional The Bad Guys movies worked to blend the strengths of 2D and 3D creativity, Spiderman: Across the Spider-verse surpassed its predecessor in almost every way. The sheer barrage of visual spectacle meant it was almost impossible for me to take it all in.

It might be my new favourite animated film. Only time and re-watches will let me know for sure.

Right. Snacks prepped, kombucha chilled, 4K disc loaded.

I'm going back in.

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