Sith are red and Wookies are... blue?

So in order to placate your frothing desire to learn about the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII (no?... Just me then?) here's some previews of the next characters to get the 'Destiny' treatment, Little Vader and Little Chewy. Both will be receiving limited print runs, fully certified by Lucasfilm, in the near future.
Keep an eye out on here or on my facebook or twitter feed for details of when the prints will be available.
The images depict Anakin/Vader unleashing his early desire to become a pilot and the not so Mighty Chewbacca at home on Kashyyyk (Pronounce it? Not a clue.) momentarily distracted from his playful rage
While the first three Destiny images were conceived to work as a set, these two have been designed as companion pieces to Luke and Han respectively, with Anakin/Vader running to collide with Luke against a foreboding red sunset and Chewie, like Han, is distracted by a glimpse of his destiny.
ADVERTISEMENT... well... promotion. Of sorts.
In the meantime, in order to grab the other images in the series head over to my store where there are still some remaining from the limited stock I have. And remember folks, exclusively, each image bought on my store is signed and will include a hand drawn sketch of that character.
Be sure to get your ordered now to beat the Christmas rush!
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