Pure Evil Genius - Part II

With the aim of the game being to grow your empire and with the minimal art style of the game taking shape I began to look at the creations that would populate your evil lair.
Creating these devices using such a limited pallette was a fun challenge, but relying on simple shapes meant it was never overly taxing
I've reproduced the text found on the images as the file size of the images may result in illegible copy. That, and i enjoyed writing it so much I felt it should be shared. Twice.


The iSPY can be hooked up to a seemingly limitless number of cameras*, allowing a high level of surveillance to take place form the comfort of your custom built studio (with strengthened ceiling supports). You'd think that only being able to view one feed at a time across all monitors would be a hindrance, but several tests indicated that this was in fact a bonus, allowing you to gloat over almost dozens of images of your foe.
*No more than 5.

Confoundotron 900

With a range of up to quarter of a mile this ingenious device has the ability to rewire key synapses within the brain of its target. This results in an irritating nagging sensation and mild confusion, forcing the victim to ask themselves questions like 'did I leave the oven on?', 'Where did I put it again?' or 'I'm sure I’ve forgotten something.'
30% of victims claimed it worked 100% of the time!

Big Deep

This menacing monolith is not recommended for amateur evildoers, as its effects can perterb even the most confident villain. This motionless hulk emits an extraordinarily deep bass sound that forces nearby do-gooders to uncontrollably purge themselves.
The frequency is so finely tuned that any matter that is evacuated, arrives in liquid form, adding the fear of slipping to the crushing embarrassment of its chosen target.

WARNING: We've yet to comprehend how to aim, or indeed activate this device. Use with extreme caution.


Whilst its not yet technologically possible to inflict a full migraine on someone, this handy little* device will slightly reduce the moisture levels of its target, inflicting a dull headache that cannot simply be ignored!**
For lasting effects, don't let target consume a small glass of water.
*Weighing in at less than 900lbs
**It can.


The Rashmaster causes uncomfortable and embarrassing rashes on its target, forcing them to search for questionable topics on their internet and risking great personal loss should their spouse check their browser history.
Not to be used lightly.
Never scratch resulting rash as this could induce swelling, weeping, headaches, death, paranoia, hallucinations and occasionally nausea.

(Part III)

Art © Gukis

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