Pure Evil Genius - Part I

A couple of years ago I worked up some concept art for an untitled game at Rivet Studios. Purely for design purposes I christened it Pure Evil Genius (working title) thereby having some text to experiment with the art style.
The aim of the game was to work your way up from a mild annoyance to an evil megalomaniac that would put even the most eccentric Bond villain to shame.

Initially I worked up a quick image of two villains beginning their quest for global domination.

But the image didn't have the graphic quality I felt suited the concept so I produced this series of posters to lay out an art style and also the sense of humour should that should accompany it.
With the concept conjuring memories of the early Bond films, specifically the epic lair in 'You Only Live Twice' I looked at Saul Bass' legendary work of that era and the minimalist look of the project sprang into being.
*may only contain trickery and a burning sensation.
*may only contain cunning and stinging papercuts
*may only contain bad manners and passing annoyance.
Art © Gukis
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