426 (with free bonus video!)


Happy Aliens day! (almost)


I'm assuming the 26 of April is some kind of ancient pagan festival, and not a commercial ploy by a leading film studio to boost the popularity of one of their IPs. Right?

Regardless, Alien and Aliens are spectacular movies. Fact. As well as both being seminal science fiction movies that pushed the boundaries of what was possible at the time, both films are genuinely terrifying in very different ways.

Alien saga's ongoing themes of motherhood are never so apparent as in the relationship between Ripley and orphaned space urchin, Newt.

Over the years I've had numerous questions about the process of creating digital imagery so I've decided to record myself at work on the Newt image. It took about 1:15 to complete, not including sketchbook doodling.

Its an odd sensation, showcasing the process of creating this kind of speed-paint, as It allows a glimpse of the trials and frequent errors that help arrive at the finished result.

I have no doubt various bad habits and lack of planning are evident, but I hope some of you find it useful. Feel free to send any questions. Or answers. I always like a good answer. Especially if its correct.

'Mad props' (I think that's right), to hashfinger for the excellent music.

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