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OK, you're sticking around? Well, my name is Nick Scurfield and I'm an illustrator with over a decade of experience in concept art, story boarding and art direction. I'm in my element developing original worlds and characters to populate them, but I'm flexible enough to work on existing properties.

If I can help with your project or you just want to say hello, mail me at and I'll be in touch.

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This first set of images consists primarily of images that I feel have a story to them. The Star Wars images are all officially approved and certified by Lucasfilm and can be purchased from the official Star Wars store.(just search for my name)

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Character design is a fun area to work in. At worst its populating a world and bringing it to life, and at best its creating strong characters to lead a story and deliver a strong brand recognition. Never a bad day!


The addition of text to a character illustration compounds the nature of the property and compunds a strong aesthetic, leaving the viewer no doubt as to the direction the concept is taking.


The aesthetics of an environment go a long way to displaying the tone of a project. You can enhance the story through attention to detail and colour and light will dramatically shift the mood of the scene.


Aside from my illustration, cinema is my biggest passion in life. I’ve made tentative steps into this medium with the following shorts, winning Best Comedy at the 2012 Film The House competition for Early Bird.

While I don't class myself as a professional in this field its a skill set I’m keen on developing as my understanding of visual narratives translates nicely to this medium.


I have had the fortune of working with a great deal of talented and creative people in the past and felt that it was only fair to share their abilities with others who could benefit from their talents.

Paul Parkes is a gifted writer and the creator of the BAFTA nominated animated series 'King Arthurs Disasters'.

Andy Hickenbottom is one of the most talented 3D modelers i've met with a gift at creating flawless character models.

Andy T Is a talented musician and composer with a fascination with fleeing.

Jon Lycett-Smith Is a skilled illustrator and author with several books to his name.

SPZERO76 Is a street artist who defaces walls in the name of art. They usually look better for it.

Wayne Ellis is an artist working in games but with a personal interest in more traditional mediums.


A selection of my art is available from my store.

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